… there’s no earthly way of knowing which direction we are going …


Courtesy of a small slice of your soul,
we’ll propel you into the firmament
and bring you back 99% safely,
all for the low LOW price of

Furthermore, the Kaleidoseum shall serve as BRC whirled headcourters for the following degenerate operations, while also showcasing their tricks and treats:

Circus Metropolus
The Klown
Wooden Nickel Circus
The Kops
& the Kops’ BRC Precinct Headquarters

And FURTHERfurthermore, the Kaleidoseum shall cater non-exclusively but in particular to the international community at Burning Man, a place of gathering and global bass & whirled music, including a daily dose of InterKontinental — a mixer/dance party from 3-5pm (4:45 & Esplanade) — and a dizzying array of groove + relaxation by night.

Behold the Blueprints

60′ in diameter, ~18 peak

Structure’s endoskeleton = standalone aerial rig

8′ high steel perimeter posts

8′ BarStage in center — beverage service below; hosts DJs, musicians and performers on top

By day: Encircling retractable sails provide shade coverage

By night: Solar string lights and projection defines the form and colors the sails

Kaleidoseum - Angled drone view